About Us : Online Immigration Services

USAcitizenships.com is a webservice provided by the Law Offices of David A. Lluis.  USAcitizenships.com is one of three websites provided by this law office for the purpose of immigration services.

The three websites provided by the Law Offices of David A. Lluis are Visa50.com, USAresidency.net and USAcitizenships.com.  The three websites represent the three stages of the immigration process.  Visa50.com represents and services those who want to enter the United States whether for business or familial reasons.  USAresidency.net represents and services those that are legally in the United States and who want to gain lawful permanent residence.  And USAcitizenships.com represents and services those who are lawful permanent residents and wish to naturalize.

The use of the three websites is an effort to simplify the website experience for our customers.  Immigration is a complex and wide open field, we feel that by using the three websites we are able to provide our clients with a better and more focused online experience and service.

We thank you for visiting our online office.  We hope to provide you with information and service for your immigration needs.